Money Smarts

A Company on a Mission

WorkSquare is not just an ordinary staffing company. We are a company on a mission. And that mission is to empower our employees to improve their financial wellbeing.

What does financial wellbeing look like? For some people, it may mean getting out of debt or building a credit score. For others, it means saving up for a car or more education. The point is, it’s up to you. We are here to help you determine your goal and get you on a path to achieve it. So, WHAT’S YOUR GOAL?

Why is this important to us? Simple. People who feel in control of their financial lives make better and more reliable employees for our clients. Plus, working together to help you get ahead and meet your goals is – well, just plain fun. So join us. Make us proud. And you’ll surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

How It Works

First off, we give you a job. We expect you to be a great employee. In fact, we expect you to be such a great and reliable employee that our client will want to hire you permanently. We are here to help you find a permanent job.

But a job is just one part of improving your financial wellbeing. Financial training helps you understand how to turn that paycheck into a brighter financial future. Our Money Smarts training gives you smart ideas for managing your money and opens a path for you to meet your goals.

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