Why WorkSquare?

We take your success seriously.

We Are More Than An Employment Agency

Forget everything you thought you knew about working with a staffing company.At WorkSquare, we pride ourselves on being anything but typical.

Here, you are never a number. You are an individual with talents and goals, and it is our mission to help you build a solid foundation for your future by connecting you with meaningful, good-paying opportunities that you can use to launch your career and achieve financial well-being.

Additionally, we provide WEALTHWI$E, an online curriculum that helps you meet your financial goals. Financial education can be a springboard for everyone — regardless of income level — to achieve financial objectives and build wealth.

If you’re ready to find good opportunities and get on the path to financial health, WorkSquare can open doors for you.

Accelerate Your Job Search

Whether you’re looking for more freedom, new responsibilities, or to take a step forward, WorkSquare will help you achieve your goals.